Snipe – sustainability
in shoes

Awareness of resource-conserving products is growing in society and is demanding appropriate answers. Snipe combines tradition-al craftsmanship with a high degree of responsibility with regard to health and the environment. It’s social responsibility for a global spirit of cooperation.

Snipe – the no lifestyle style

Thinking laterally, questioning things and championing the impor-tant things in life: that’s what Snipe stands for. No longer do design and material have a short lifespan. We’re different, we depart from well-trodden paths and we take on new perspectives.

We take fun very seriously and live in the present while thinking about tomorrow. Lifestyle is transitory, and no lifestyle is immortal.

Snipe – we live the timeless no-lifestyle style.

Snipe – we live up to our promises

Sustainability and the preservation of resources in all manufacturing processes are the key aims of our brand.

This is also passed on to our suppliers. With our tannery in Portugal, Antonio Nunes de Carvalho S.A., we have a production site certified for production using organic leather free from chromium (Oak Leather® Range). The decrease in water consumption, the use of thermal effects in machinery to dry the leather and the reduction of emissions into the air during production are definite must-haves.

Snipe – we leave our mark

In 1982 Ernesto Segarra developed the Snipe brand, which changed the design of conventional footwear fashion and labelled the ecological use of materials and additives with the addition of ‘nature’. The strongly Bauhaus-influenced understanding of design lives out the ‘less is more’ philosophy in Snipes. Health, comfort and design: that’s what the Snipe brand stands for.

Snipe – we walk differently

Snipe is the brand for aesthetes with a sense of design, quality and health. Its philosophy is to practice responsibility towards our environment while enjoying life to the full. Individuality and fun without remorse: we wear Snipes, everywhere and wherever it’s least expected.

Snipe – your shoe is washable with this symbol

Please pay attention to our washing instructions: Please remove the insole when washing. Place your Snipe in a washing bag and wash at 30 degrees Celsius. Please do not dry in a tumble dryer or with direct sunlight. After washing use a neutral shoe care. Leather is a natural product and can loose its colour through heat or moisture. This is not a manufacturer‘s fault and therefore would not justify a return.

We wish you a long and enjoyable time with your Snipes.